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All the pens listed on this page are in Mint, unused condition unless otherwise stated. 

Calligraphy Set

The Sheaffer Calligraphy Set comprises 3 pens with italic nib sizes Fine - 0.8mm, Medium - 1.3mm & Broad - 1.8mm. The set also contains 14 Sheaffer cartridges in various colours, a tracing pad and instruction booklet.

CALLIG-01          £15



Sheaffer Targa

The Targa range was first introduced in 1976 and spanned two decades. It was an innovative design at the time and has since been much copied.  The pen has a nice solid, reliable feel to it, the clip, for example, being one of the most durable you will find on any pen - anywhere.  The nib is based on the old Triumph design, but much improved. All Targas are convertible and can be filled from a bottle or take cartridges. In 1982 a new range of Targa's was introduced with ladies in mind. This was known as the Slim Targa, and with a few exceptions was made in the same patterns as the standard Targa.I have always considered the Targa to be one of the most reliable pens Sheaffer ever produced. It is not only a good pen for everyday use, but is destined to become a future classic and is already very collectible, not least because of the vast range of patterns and models that have been available - over sixty. 

All the pens listed here are mint, unused, with 14ct gold nibs and come complete with converter units. All are boxed, although not necessarily in their original box.

Bright Chrome  1000

Stainless steel medium nib

TAR-17          £75

Targa Ball Pens

Matte Black

TAB-01     £75

Green Marble Lacquer

TAB-02          £80


Targa Pencils

Black Swirl Lacque

TAP-01          £80

Targa Rollerballs

Cobalt Blue Lacquer

TARB-02          £80

Slim Matte Black.  Mint but selling without a refill.

TARB-04          £35

Miscellaneous Models 

Black Fashion convertible with gold plated medium nib

SHE-02     £40

Orange Fashion convertible with gold plated broad nib

SHE-03     £40

Blue Triumph convertible with gold plated extra fine nib

SHE-06     £40

Green Triumph convertible with gold plated fine nib

SHE-07     £40

Sheaffer Onyx Desk Set

This magnificent Sheaffer fountain pen and ballpen desk set in white Onyx is in absolutely mint condition. The fountain pen has the Triumph nib in medium point and is a convertible filler. An additional point of interest is that it comes with a brass plate outline of Italy which can be optionally fixed to the stand. The unit comes in a polished wooden box. However, the box has obviously been stored for some time and is not in pristine condition. Very heavy item, so extra postal charges will apply.

SHE-05          £200


Sheaffer Ball Pens


Black Lacquer. 

SHBP-08          £75 

Green Lacquer

SHBP-09          £75



Green Marbled

SHBP-07          £65

Black lacquer

SHBP-18          £45




Metallic bronze with gold trim


Grey mottled laque with gold trim

SHBP-13     £45

Brown mottled laque with gold trim

SHBP-12     £45

Blue mottled plaque with gold trim

SHBP-11     £45

Black laque with gold trim

SHBP-10     £45

Matte green with gold trim

SHBP-20          £35

Matte black with gold trim

SHBP-21         £35

Matte red with gold trim

SHBP-22     £35

Brushed chrome with chrome trim

SHBP-24     £35

Bright chrome with gold trim

SHBP-25     £35



SHBP-17          £30


Sheaffer Pencils



Fluted gold plzate with gold trim

SHPCL-07     £60

Metallic bronze with gold trim

SHPLC-12     £45

Mottled brown laque with gold trim

SHPCL-11     £45

Black laque with gold trim

SHPCL-10     £45

Mottled red laque with gold trim

SHPCL-09     £45

Mottled grey lacque with gold trim

SHPCL -08     £45

Mottled green laque with gold trim

SHPCL-06     £45

Matte blue with gold trim 

SHPCL-03          £45

Matte red with gold trim

SHPCL-02     £45

Matte black with gold trim

SHPCL-01     £45

Imperial IV

Blue. Original chalk marks still on the barrel

SHPCL-04          £35

Maroon. Original chalk marks still on the barrel.

SHPCL-05     £35



Palladium with Chrome Trim

SHRB-07          £95 



Red Marble

SHRB-01          £65

Blue Marble

SHRB-02          £65

Black Lacquer

SHRB-03          £45 


Black laquerwith gold trim

SHRB-12          £40

Ocean Blue lacquer with gold trim

SHRB-13          £40 

Brown lacquer with gold trim

SHRB-04          £40

Matte green with gold trim.

SHRB-06          £35


SHRB-22          £20

Imperial Triumph

Blue with chrome trim. 

SHRB-09          £15


Black with chrome trim


Restored in The Pen Wizard's Workshop


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