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"No one ever regretted buying quality"
The one question people ask me more often than any other is, "What is the best fountain pen in the world?" My answer is always - Pelikan and, more specifically, the Pelikan M800 and its variants.
Since Pelikan made their first fountain pen in 1929, the overall concept of their quality pen range has changed very little. The traditional design and the filling mechanism with its enormous ink capacity has stood the test of time and, instead of being subjected to the whims of fashion, has been content with just a steady refining and improvement. Secondly, the nib is just outstanding. Whereas other comparable manufacturers have rolled their gold thinner to extract more nibs per sheet, Pelikan have continued to manufacture a nib of the highest quality and durability in a wide range of nib points.

All the pens on this page are mint, boxed, new stock.

Pelikan Hercules



The Pelikan Hercules is a Limited Edition of 800 pieces (this piece is No. 047) and celebrates one of the most famous heroes of classical Greek mythology. This pen has a fine nib. The box includes a bottle of Pelikan ink. Mint condition complete with all documentation.




Pelikan Majesty


(Ref: M7000)


The new Pelikan Majesty is a beautiful pen fashioned from sterling silver, coated with platinum and with gold plated trim. It is has 18ct gold two-tone nib with a fine point. The filling mechanism differs from the other models in that you remove the barrel to access the filler. The 'crowning' feature is the diamond-cut gold plated ornamentation on the cap. This mint condition beauty comes in a large presentation box complete with documents, guarantee, and a black carrying pouch.

Price 750



Pelikan M800



A mint, unused Pelikan M800 transparent green demonstrator. This pen has an 18ct gold nib with a medium point.


Pelikan M800




Black/blue with medium nib


Pelikan M600




Black/green stripe with broad nib


Pelikan M600




Black/blue stripe with medium nib


Pelikan M300




Black with medium nib


Pelikan M300




Green/black with broad nib


Pelikan M200 Ball Pen




Transparent blue


Pelikan K600 Ball Pen





The old-style, maroon, K600 ball pen with the push-button mechanism. 


Pelikan D600 Pencil




This is the old-style, black, D600 pencil with the push-button mechanism. It takes a 0.5mm lead. 


Filling The Pelikan Fountain Pen

Low ink capacity and leaking from the front end of any fountain pen can often be traced to a faulty filling procedure. It is important that all pens, including the Pelikan, be filled according to the manufacturers' instructions. What sometimes seems a minor point in the filling process can often be the key factor in the pen behaving as it should. Here is the correct way to fill a Pelikan:
Advance the internal piston by unscrewing the filling knob on the end of the barrel fully to the left. Dip the nib into the ink until it is fully covered. Turn the knob fully back slowly and evenly. When it reaches its stop point remove the nib from the ink and turn the knob back a short way to allow a few drops to fall back into the bottle. Turn the pen so the nib is facing upwards and screw the knob back to its stop point. Wipe clean with a tissue.
Always remember when using any coloured ink, particularly black, that these contain more sediment than blue. The pen should therefore be flushed out with cold water after every two or three fillings to prevent clogging of the feed channels.


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