The Parker Page

Parker 75

A gold plated Parker 75 with Millerais pattern. This is the later model with the broad feed. It comes with its squeeze-fill convertor and has a 14ct gold nib with a broad oblique point.

P75-02     £175


 The Parker 180 was the forerunner of the Parker Classic, which is similar in size but has a cheaper nib. The nib on the 180 has the ability to be reversed by 180° (hence the name) to provide a thinner line. It is a convertible pen and, being slim, very suitable for a lady's hand.

Stainless Steel with gold trim. Fine nib.

P180-07           £100 


Parker 45 

This is the rare Parker 45 TX with gold clip andf trim and 14ct gold nib with a medium point. This model is much in demand by collectors

P45-02     £100

A Parker 45 convertible in turquoise with chrome clip and trim. It has a 14ct gold nib with a medium point.

P45-03     £40

Parker Lady 17

This maroon Parker Lady 17 with a chrome cap was made in France and was never produced in the UK in this form. It is in mint condition, having never been filled and has a stainless steel nib with a fine point.

P17-01          £60



Parker 15 CT

A matt black Parker 15, cartridge only. Choice of fine, medium or broad nib.

P15-01          £15

A Stainless steel Parker 15, cartridge only. Choice of fine, medium or broad nib.

P15-02          £20

A blue Parker 15, cartridge only. Choice of fine, medium or broad nib.

P15-03          £15 

A red Parker 15, cartridge only. Choice of fine, medium or broad nib.

P15-04          £15

A black Parker 15, cartridge only. Choice of fine, medium or broad nib.

P15-05          £15 

95 & Arrow 

The Parker 95 is a version of the once popular Parker Arrow. It has the same nib unit, the only difference being the cap and clip, which are classier-looking than the Arrow version. It has the plunger-type filling mechanism, which is removable to accept cartridges. The pens on offer here are in absolutely mint condition  

Red lacquer. Gold plated nib. Choice of Medium Italic or Extra Fine

P95-01          £55

Stainless Steel with gold trim. Steel nib with fine point

P95-02          £45

Parker Arrow. Stainless Steel with gold plated extra fine nib and trim

PAR-01          £50 

Ball Pens


Parker Centennial/International black ball pen. This is the original push-cap version before the advent of the twist-type, which didn't really match the pens

DUO-06          £95

Very rare. This Duofold ball pen with a black cap has a transparent demonstrator barrel.

DUO-04a          £100 


Mk I.  Gold plated.

SON-14          £60

Mk II. Black lacquer. Gold trim

SON-15     £35

Mk II. Black lacquer with chrome trim

SON-21     £30


Black lacquer ball pen

INS-01          £20


Stainless Steel, gold trim ball pen

INS-05          £15


Translucent Green

PBP-03          £10





A near mint silver plated Sonnet Mk. I pencil with gold trim. Semi-twist mechanism.

SON-16     £75

A near mint red/black lacquer Sonnet pencil with gold trim and semi-twist mechanism

SON-01     £45

A near mint stainless steel Sonnet pencil Mk. I with gold trim.

SON-17     £25


Gold plated

INS-03     £40


Metallic Grey Pencil

INS-13          £35


Matte black Parker 95 pencil with gold trim and clutch mechanism

P95-04     £30

Gold-plated near mint Parker Arrow pencil with twist mechanism

P95-05     £40

Near mint, stainless steel Parker Arrow pencil with chrome trim. Twist mechansim.

P95-06     £25



PPCL-02     £10


PPCL-03     £12



Parker 88 


P88-02          £40


P88-01          £40



INF-03          £30

Tranquil Blue

INF-04          £30

Fire Red

INF-05          £30

Lapel Badges 

This lapel badge is the first in a series of replicas of famous pens, designed exclusively by and for The Pen Museum. It reproduces the Duofold Mandarin, Centennial size. It measures 8cm x 1 cm.

BADGE-01         £10

The second in the series of replicas of famous pens. This badge reproduces the Parker Snake. It measures 7.62cm x 0.7cm.

BADGE-02          £10 

Restored in The Pen Wizards Workshop

This transparent yellow Parker 51 aerometric is unashamedly being put together from parts in The Pen Museum Workshop. While the innards are pre-used, the body and shell are new and are from Argentina. The lustraloy cap is not new however, and shows slight signs of plating wear. The nib will be new, unused and can be of the writing point of your choice.

P51-02     £95

This is a grey Parker 51 Mk III, the later, slightly smaller version. It is in near mint condition. i haven’t yet put the nib in it so you can have the nib point of your choice.

P51-03     £85

This green Duofold pencil with gold clip and trim matches the Slimfold and Junior Duofold models.

PWZ-16     £25

Converted Parker Fibre Pens

These pens were originally Parker Fibre Pens. However, fibre refills had a very short shelf life and any exisiting stocks have long since dried out. I have converted these to a ball pen by adapting a ready-available refill to fit. Replacement refills are therefore very easily obtainable.


A rolled gold Insignia. This pen has some minor scuffing due to its having been on display in The Pen Museum for many years.

PFP-02     £50


A stainless steel Harelquin with white shield pattern

PFP-03         £40


A stainless steel Harlequn with black circle pattern

PFP-04     £40


A stainless steel Harlequin with white circle pattern.

PFP-05     £40


A stainless steel Flighter with red section.

PFP-06     £30


A maroon Classic with stainless steel cap.

PFP-07     £20