1.18mm Montblanc leads.They fit many old pencils such as Conway Stewart, Swan etc. Available in grades B, HB & H in tubes of 8 leads.

SPAR-01 £12.50 per tube.
3 tubes of 12 x 1.18mm leads, 2.3mm in length. Grade H. These will fit all pencils that take this size lead.

SPAR-02 £10
Parker 88 nib unit in black or turquoise. Nib sizes Fine, Medium & Broad

NIB-01 £20
Parker 61 14ct gold nib. Choice of Fine or Medium point.

NIB-02 £25
Parker Frontier stainless steel nib unit. Choice of Fine or Medium point.

NIB-03 £10
Parker 45 stainless steel nib unit.
Medium point

NIB-04 £17.50