Fountain Pens

by Peter Twydle


This is my first published book, Crowood Collector's Series "Fountain Pens"

The blurb on the cover staters: "Fountain Pens provides a comprehensive history of the fountain pen, tracing its development from reed and quill pens to the stylish and elegant writing instruments we know today, and introduces the reader to the major manufacturers. The book is lavishly illustrated in colour throughout, with useful advice on how to build a collection and where best to look for fountain pens, from car boot to the internet… The book serves as an ideal introduction to collecting fountain pens, but will also be an invaluable reference work and a welcome addition to the bookshelf of the established collector".

What the official blurb doesn't tell you is that it contains some of the writings and thoughts of my late father, Arthur Twydle, to whom I have dedicated the book.

Of particular interest is the emphasis I have placed on buying pens on the internet, and also the attention I have paid to Limited Editions, which is where I believe the future of pen collecting lies, particularly from an investment standpoint. The book will also be useful to those who plan on repairing their own pens as it contains hints and tips, plus diagrammatically explaining all the different filling systems.

If you would like me to autograph your book, then please send with your order a copy of what you would like me to write.

Pen Repair

by Jim Marshall & Lawrence Oldfield


This book originally involved my father, Arthur Twydle, who provided a unique distillation of sixty years of repairing and teaching how to repair fountain pens. Sadly, he died just before the actual writing began, but his spirit and teaching are present on every page, and many of the photos are of Arthur demonstrating in his workshop.

The authors of this book have tried not to reproduce what is readily available in workshop manuals, but instead to offer practical solutions to get a pen working again without the luxury of a quick replacement part fix. Lavishly illustrated throughout.

This is the third reprint of this book, which the authors have expanded to include some of the rarer and more complex models.

"Repairing pens should be fun, and usually is until you start repairing other people's pens. Only then do you appreciate what you don't know."     - Arthur Twydle

© Peter Twydle 2012