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Formally known as 'The Pen Museum’ this site is now the U.K.'s No. 1 site for vintage fountain pens, pen repairs and spare parts. Here you will find the biggest collection of old fountain pens, spare parts and epherema anywhere in the U.K.

Two generations of Fountain Pen expertise

The original Pen Museum was a collection of over 3000 pens, pencils and ball points, built and maintained by my father, Arthur Twydle, over a period of 60 years 

Before his death in 2005, my father was the U.K.'s leading expert on Pen Craft, known and respected in the trade as 'The Master'. 

The Pen Museum no longer exists as a vistor centre and I am now selling off the writing instruments formerly on display  to others who can put them to good use.

Additionally, I have reproduced under the 'Masterclass' link, some of the many articles by Arthur and myself on the subject of Pen Craft that I hope you will find both interesting and useful.

You can select your area of interest from the links above.

Vintage Pens

This photo is one corner of what was once The Pen Museum. The vintage pens I am offering for sale on these pages all come from these shelves and are for the benefit of collectors and those seeking to replace a much-loved favourite. Most are 'one-offs' but of some of the later models I have several, as we originally bought them to break down for spare parts.

All my vintage pens come boxed. The box will be indigenous to the manufacturer, but not necessarily the original box (except for Limited Editions). In cases where there is no box, I have housed the pen in one of my own velvet-lined presentation boxes. If you are a collector, and having the original box is important to you, you may like to check with me before ordering.

Reconditioned Pens

All the pens mentioned above are in mint, or near mint condition. However, I have now added The Pen Wizard sections to this site, which you will find at the bottom of each page. These sections consist of used pens that I class as being in 'excellent' or 'Very Good' condition. I have serviced or checked them and I guarantee them to be in excellent working order. I do not sell pens that are only classed as being in 'good' or 'poor' condition.

If you are looking for a pen to use, rather than collect, you might like to read my article 'Choosing a Fountain Pen' in the Masterclass section.

Clicking on the links below will take you to the appropriate pages.

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How to order

Don't be thrown by the fact there is no order form on this site. The items change so rapidly that it is not practical. Just jot down the simple reference numbers of the items you are interested in, then send me an email to check if they are still available, as most are limited stock.

Payment & Postage

U.K. customers by cheque or, for a faster turnaround, by cash, P.O. or debit/credit card using Paypal

Overseas customers - by debit or credit card through Paypal.

Unless otherwise requested, I prefer to send post insured and tracked.

My operation is 'internet only' and I regret I can no longer accommodate personal visitors

About Me

My father began in the pen business shortly after returning from the war. He opened his first specialist pen shop in 1949 and over the years built a chain of shops in the North of England.

He received his training in pen repairs at the factories of all the major pen companies in the U.K. and Europe - Parker, Sheaffer, Waterman, Montblanc etc. and went on to open a service department to undertake repairs for all the U.K.'s major department stores and stationers.

I joined the family business on leaving college in 1964, trained in fountain pen repair by The Parker Pen Company - and my father of course, at whose feet they nicknamed me 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice’ - nowadays known as The Pen Wizard.

After Arthur retired he spent his time restoring vintage pens, designing repair tools and teaching others his expertise via his famous 'Masterclass' courses, while I continued to run the business with the web site as the new 'shop window'.

Now semi-retired, my days are occupied repairing and restoring fountain pens and offering for sale some of the spare parts as well as the quality vintage pens that once graced the shelves of The Pen Museum.

My father bequeathed me a treasure-house of knowledge and experience and I have been privileged to continue his life's work.

Peter Twydle,  Highlo,  Greenacre Park,  Hornsea,  HU18 1UW,  England

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