Trade Enquiries

Over the years, my late father and I built up a vast collection of spare parts, far more than I could use in several lifetimes, and I can now offer these for sale to other restorers who have the tools and the skill to use them.

You will find some some of these on the 'Spares' page of this web site, but the rest I do not offer on the site, as they do need the skills of a trained restorer and in certain cases special tools to fit them safely.

If you fall into this category then I invite you to send me a list of your requirements together with the quantities you need and I will email you a quotation together with postage. I normally send by second class mail, though tracked and insured mail is available if required. 

Payment can be by Paypal, cash or cheque as shown on the 'Home Page'.

Please mark your order 'Trade Enquiry'.

Email me at:

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